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song from CSI  
09:09pm 10/07/2010

song that I thought would be perfect for Damienne

Stop by Lizz Wright

Don´t tell me to stop
Tell the rain not to drop
Tell the wind not to blow
Because you said so

Tell me love is not true
It´s just something we do
Tell me everything I´m not
But don´t tell me to stop

Tell the sun not to shine
Not to get up this time
Let it fall by the way
Leave me here, where I lay

Tell the leaves not to turn
But don´t tell me I´ll learn
Take the black off a crow
But don´t tell me to go

Tell the bed not to lay
Like the mouth of a grave
Not to stare up at me
Like a calf on its knees

Keep on telling me love isn't true
It's just something we do
Tell me everything that I'm not
But don't tell me to stop
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victorian set up for Crack  
10:09pm 06/06/2010
I'm not sure how i feel about my father Lord Reeves finally learning about me and setting about the legitimization process. Mother is happy that is for sure.

This place is intimidating, all the people in rich but subdued dress.  I hope my manners are up to this I don;t want to disappoint Father, not at this stage.  
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Inspiration from Ursula Vernon  
09:18pm 23/05/2010

A chunk of writing that rings true. it is about the dreamlands.
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Caught between ignorance and uneasiness  
09:11pm 28/04/2010
Sundayy January 10th, [day 224]
Damien's apartment

Friday there wasn't a whole lot to do and since finding out about Nanshe was the whole reason for deciding to come to Excolo, I figured I really should go visit the Library and see what I could turn up. So I left early around lunch time, just walked over and into the library. And when I entered, I smiled at the librarian and asked to see the religion and mythology sections. She didn't bat an eye. Probably has gotten that request a lot. I was glad though that it was a busy day for her as it kept  her from having time to try starting up a conversation with me. If it was a different situation I think I might liked to chat with her but all I wanted then was to find what I was looking for and get out.

It seemed ridiculously easy to find it too. Almost as if the right books were pressing themselves into my hands.  I found a book that listed Gods and mentioned Nanshe. And another book  about Norse magic,  that after I flipped through it mentioned some thing that might be what Verdandi was talking about. It's not like I haven't come across the idea of people like me having magic and being respected for it. At least in written works. About history. It's just that...I guess I have trouble believing both in magic itself and that people would think it was worth respecting someone for.  Probably a part of my city upbringing . We don't really have magic as such in Manhattan. At least not like here.  Not stuff like this. Not that I'll ever share that thought with Johnny or Tess. Especially not Tess. I don't think she dislikes me, but at the same time I think she's waiting to see if I'll fuck up and prove I'm not not good  enough for her brother. Who turns into a wolf. I wouldn't have believed that if I hadn't seen it for myself.

The books had plenty to say and I still couldn't wrap my head around either of them. I'll probably have to actually go visit the Abbey after all if I want to know more about what people think of Nanshe in this town. I mean beyond what little people mention while shopping. All churches and temples make me uneasy but if it's the only way to find out about the goddess and that other dreamwalker, I'll do it.

 I could go the abbey today when there is likely to be less people, maybe I'll feel less uncomfortable about being there if there's no crowd.  Which means some time in  the afternoon as I think the service is mid morning and l don;t really know how long it lasts for. Probably an hour or so and then it might have some kind of social thing going on after wards. Lots of towns I saw in the last three years had a pattern like that for their holy day.

I go out to the balcony and light up a cig, yeah. Maybe i'll go in the afternoon, get it over with and then I'll finally know. Well something  anyways.
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Stalking the Nightmare  
11:04pm 18/03/2010
I can't relax in my apartment. Not really. It's only a little better than one of the labs. So I'm going out tonight. Band's not playing for another couple of nights so unless I get asked to sing or to fill in for someone, it'll just be dancing and maybe a little drinking or...no. Mrs. Voronin has stated that my control is solid enough that I don't need the drugs anymore I can do it just with meditation and trance states all by myself.

Besides this may get me more clues than just random scans through dreams. I really want to have some thing to report to Lex next time I report. It really bothers me that some one out there is messing with dreams and it's killing people.

So I put on the fake leather pants and a nice mesh shirt. Leave my hair down. Feels a little wrong not to be carrying the guitar but I have no where to put it.If someone I know is doing a show I can leave it with their stuff but I think tonight it's just the DJ's. wish I wasn't so new to this town and that I hadn't gotten sucked  into this Guardian thing. wish i hadn't let them railroad me into it.

I enter the club to find music already pulsing out a welcoming beat and plenty of people already enjoying themselves.
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Dreams are meant to inspire, either wonder or terror.  
11:27pm 15/03/2010
As the newest Guardian recruit, Corey often feels like the new kid on the block. Or that there's some thing to prove, something that will earn acceptance from his new peers.  Corey's ability to enter and shape the dreams of others gives him the ability to inspire others or drive them mad with terror. The drawback is that those dreams affect him as well. so far he's been able to hide the signs of that from his bosses but that may not last much longer.  As part of hiding it has has spent more time in the night clubs playing his music than  in the  safe confines of Excolo Corp labs. Besides he dislikes the feeling of being studied as a lab rat.

Lately  there are signs that someone else with a similar power to his has been meddling with people's dreams giving many of them the same nightmares. Some victims never wake up, they go into comas instead or even die.
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Log of Dreamscenes  
09:36pm 14/03/2010
Links to All of Damien's dreamscenes from most recent to first.








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Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.  
11:13pm 15/11/2009
It's been a busy time in Excolo the last while. Since the Tavern closed for construction Dorian moved back in and brought people with him. And a cat. Cat's been no problem except for the few times it's escaped into the shop, and the people...well other than Winnie's pointed silence about them, they've kept to the apartment at back so really not much trouble there either.

Haven't really seen John to speak to him lately, I left a note a while back with my hours and I didn't hear back from him. I really hope he hasn't changed his mind about that date. So in the meantime I keep myself busy with work and playing with Longfellow's band. As Kate suggested I found him in the Whitechapel and he and his band were interested in playing with me. It's okay but not really my favorite style of music. And there was the library, I'll have to go see what they have soon, I really shouldn't let myself forget about Nanshe, even if I haven't seen her since that one time. I've walked into several interesting dreams here in town, and had a couple of my own. I really should go see what the library has on her.

Winter is coming up and I wonder how this town celebrates or if it does, most places at least have some sort of celebration around midwinter if nothing else. I have memories of midwinter celebrations as a child in the city, usually just my mother and I but sometimes her current man would join us. My birthday is coming up as well next month and I'm of mixed thoughts about letting anyone know about it. Maybe John if he asks, which makes me wonder when his is.

No wonder I can't sleep with all this running through my head. I reach for my guitar, guess it's another night of playing myself to sleep.
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Music in the Market  
09:36pm 22/06/2009
Saturday October 24th,
Around noon
The market

Been taking it easy the last few days. I did go by the Sheriff's office but no one was there. I would have left a note but I didn't have any paper. maybe I'll try again later. Today all I want to do is play music and maybe meet people. with that in mind I check the weather by stiking my head out the window. Good, doesn't look like rain. I take my guitar and head off in search of the market. Turns out to be main street in the middle area. Therea are stalls in and around the shops. I take a stroll around to see if I can spot any other musicians as well as good place for me. Eventually  I come to the conclusion that the  best place is probably the street corner where I met John, ecept that it's right in front of the sheriff's office and I don't feel comfortable setting up right into front of the law. I have no idea if Excolo cares if I set up here and start playing, But I have no intention of getting arrested just because someone complained or the sheriff feels like excercising their authority in general.

I finally compromise by going accross the street and setting up at the other corner. Nothing fancy, just me and the guitar, open case at my fet with a sprinkling of cash from my pocket to show folks what I want for my playing. I turn my face up to the sun for a moment before I start. Alright. Here goes.

Shes a good girl, loves her mam a
jesus and america too
Shes a good girl, crazy bout elvis
Loves horses and her boyfriend too

Its a long day living in reseda
Theres a freeway runnin through the yard
And Im a bad boy cause I dont even miss her
Im a bad boy for breakin her heart

And Im free, free fallin
Yeah Im free, free fallin

music: Free Falling-tom petty
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Decisions, decisions  
03:07pm 13/06/2009
Wednesday evening October 21

After three days working the fields I've had enough. Took my pay and said sorry I won't be available tomorrow. There must be something I can do in town. I thought I could do a whole week of this and then busk at the market on Saturday. I still plan on doing that, but In the meantime I'll see if anyone in the shops needs an assistant. It sucks looking for work in a small town.

I still need to decide what I'm going to do about 'Nanshe'.  The only other dreamwalker I've ever encountered. I suppose I could just keep walking around in the dreamworld til I find her again. Except I know that's a lousy plan. I already planned to look into the dream goddess thing so I guess I'll start with that. Maybe she's part of the temple or church or whatever they call it. I won't know til I look. 

Maybe I should show up at John's workplace and buy him that drink. And pick his brains for a better job. Except I already did ask for stuff that first day.  And it got me the job I just walked away from, and the apartment. Which I'm glad I got. Nice,quiet and inexpensive. Needs work, but I  knew that to start with.

I wish this was a city, there's so much more to do in cities.

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