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07:44pm 17/03/2013
Wednesday September 17th, Just after dawn
Damien's apt

Never have I been so glad to wake up.  I look quickly over to John's side of the bed, but he's already gone to work. and i let out a shaky breath. Something is terribly wrong with the dreamlands. It felt something like the dream that had everybody trapped in one big smooshed together dream, but worse. As if maybe some one had managed to burst all  the dream bubbles that kept all the dreams from bleeding into each other and the real world.

I shiver as I slide out of bed and reach for my clothes, something, maybe just the lingering sense of how wrong things felt in the dreamlands, still feels wrong.  It makes me want to hurry up and get into town, to see for myself. Even though i'm not due into work for awhile yet.  Instead I make some coffee and go out on the balcony with it and my smokes.

Normally this would make things better, the coffee and smoke would blow away the last images in my head and I'd only have whatever bruises or cuts i'd gotten in the dreamlands. Instead things feel more dreamlike rather than less.

I remember the way the dreamscape lingered hungry and empty after that big dream. And what happened to Nanshe. I find myself testing whether this is in fact a dream. I will my wings to appear. And feel a shiver at my back but no wings. That hasn't happened before. Before either I was dreaming and could control some of what happened in the dream or I was awake and could not change things by willing them to.

Something is very wrong. I finish my coffee and my cig and grab my coat, preparing to go fins out what. At the last minute I also grab the dream compass. Maybe it will come in handy.

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