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List of scenes I want to do  
12:10am 18/08/2010
List of scenes I need to do with Damien.
  • Dreamscene with johnny
  • dreamscene experiment with Nanse-kam-Trying to bring someone into his dreamspace rather than visiting theirs.
  • dreamscene with lannie-werewolf dream rather than wolf dream?
  • play another duet set with Wanda in the tavern and this time meet kira?
  • Have another scene with dorian at the the sacred whore?
  • Maybe a scene with a customer at the scared whore? Maybe Jarmyn on a later visit?
  • Oscar, must meet Oscar somehow. Ask LT about catching Oscar lingering near the sacred whore? write an open post set on the front Porch of said store?
mood: tiredtired
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tags: lists, ooc
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