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Chaos at the Winter Ball  
12:41am 04/04/2016
This was supposed to be the highlight of the year, and I can sort of understand why.  Big formal party with food and dancing. Everyone dressed up in their best, often new, clothes.  I find events such as these tiring. So many people. Often lots of noise as well, conversations, and music and all the echos of a large space. Too much to keep track of.  And of course all those people, at least one third of the school I'd guess, crammed into one room however large. It's too much.

And so I escape at the earliest opportunity. Said I was going outside for a smoke.  And to be fair I did have one or two while I was out. And then a couple of other professors came out and decided to join me in smoking and of course we end up talking. And talking. It's really damned cold out here but I've been quietly dealing with that and it's mostly okay, except that I'm going to have to go in soon before someone notices. Oh well, at least that way I can get a drink.

Head back in only to wonder just how much time I spent out there. It surely can't have been all that long. The Ball seems to have almost disintegrated, Almost no one is dancing, And a number of people seem to have left. Or are leaving, at speed.  I can hear yelling and I think I can see what might be a fight on the other side of the hall. I move farther in trying to get a look at that, because if it is a fight i'm pretty sure it'll be part of my duties to try to deal with it. I don't want to, but if no one else does that makes it my responsibiltiy. Damnit
mood: stressedstressed
music: Rottu Skogvarnir- Eivor
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