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Beautiful Nightmare  
12:29am 27/10/2013
Story idea: The lord of nightmares attempts a romance with a lucid dreamer

Right now this is all i've got but hopefully I can do something with this. I keep wanting to do something with the song i've attached this entry and maybe a couple of others that are dream related. and sketchavember is coming up fast. most of my artistic ideas seem to be writing related and so maybe this year i'll be doing a bunch of little writey things for it and might manage to make it all the way through the month by doing something related to art on each day even if it's  various different artistic things, draw if I feel like drawing, write if I feel like writing. and plot if I have nothing else I can do that moves anything along.
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The begining
11:16pm 03/11/2013 (UTC)
damien_dw: Smoke in mouth
This story does not have a happy ending, I thought I should be upfront about that right from the start. I should have known that going into it, ( I mean come on, a love affair with someone whose title is the Lord of Nightmares?)but maybe I told myself that we were different, that I was different. Maybe I didn't, maybe I just thought that however badly it turned out, that surely the good bits would make it worth any amount of pain after. I don't know. I don't think I'm that person anymore. I can't think like that anymore. I know too much, have seen too much...

Besides you didn't come here to listen to me whine about what I should have done or known, you want to know about him. About the Lord of Nightmares. I didn't call him that, not after I got to know him,instead he gave me something shorter and more personal to call him.

It made him seem more human, more relate-able, certainly more love-able. Which may have been one of my biggest mistakes. Thinking of him as anything like us humans.

He's not. He's a Lord of Dream. And the realm of nightmares is his responsibility. That right there should have told me something; maybe a whole lot of somethings.

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